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August 18 2017

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Before Sunrise (1995)
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August 16 2017

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August 14 2017

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August 12 2017

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August 11 2017

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Few Seconds Before Happiness ~1955
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August 10 2017

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I love this photo because at first you think that she was going to get married but instead her husband to be left her, or something like that. but actually it’s quite the opposite. I clicked on the source and it brought me to an article explaining the story behind this photo, and she’s not crying, she’s hungover. her and her husband went to a football game on their wedding day, and got extremely drunk and partied all night. they took the subway home because they couldn’t drive. so no, it’s not a sad heartbreaking story, it’s a crazy joyful one. which in my opinion makes the picture even more amazing.

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Beat the Dad

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